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Our Story…

At Scents by the Bay, a proudly women-owned handcrafted boutique, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of exclusive, handcrafted products that cater to your holistic well-being and self-expression.

Our mission is to create a haven for seekers of quality and uniqueness, a sanctuary where each item tells a story, born from the hands of our artisans who infuse their creativity and passion into every product we make. With our proprietary massage oil candles, soaps, shower steamers, soy melts, crystals, aromatherapy jewelry, over 600 perfume and essential oils, and custom bath and body products, we aim to enrich your life and elevate your senses.

,We are committed to an ongoing effort for ethical sourcing and eco-friendly practices ensures that each product embodies a conscious and sustainable approach to beauty and wellness.

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our promise. Our knowledgeable and caring team is here to guide you through our extensive range, offering personalized recommendations and ensuring that your experience with Scents by the Bay is nothing short of extraordinary.

We believe that self-care is a holistic journey, and our boutique is a reflection of this. From the calming flicker of our massage oil candles to the energy of our crystals, the enchantment of aromatherapy jewelry, and the artistry of our custom bath and body products, we aspire to inspire moments of reflection, healing, and empowerment.

At Scents by the Bay, we invite you to explore, discover, and embrace your individuality. Our offerings are designed to uplift your spirit and enrich your life, helping you create moments of tranquility and self-expression. We exist not only as a boutique but as a partner in your journey towards well-being, self-discovery, and transformation.

Join us in experiencing the beauty of handcrafted, proprietary creations and the warmth of exceptional customer service. Together, we will ignite your senses, elevate your life, and celebrate the strength and creativity of women artisans worldwide, one unique creation at a time.

Frequenty Asked Questions:

What sets us apart from other handcrafted companies?
Our unique branding, our hundreds (yes hundreds! of scents) and of course, our proprietary Massage Oil Candles! All of our candles are hand-poured with skin loving, organic ingredients, that not only burn clean in your home – but feel amazing (and oh-so-hydrating) on your skin!

Besides that, we have an AMAZING team! Customer service is a priority to us – whether you’re cominging in for Essential Oils in Berkeley, or looking to create your own scent, or even simply just looking for your next crystal, our knowledgable and friendly staff is here to help. Not satisfied with your purchase? Come on back, we will work hard to make it right (and you happy!).

Why choose perfume oils instead of designer perfume sprays?
Oils do not contain alcohol or water – so they don’t break down and are much more true to scent. They tend to last longer on your skin, and much longer in the bottle (up to 12 years if stored in a dark place!). A small 1/4 oz bottle of our oil is equivalent to 2-3 spray bottles you find in the department stores. 

Are our Products Tested on Animals?
NO! We work with Vegan and Creulty free brands for our Custom Bath & Body Bases, candle waxes, and more. We love our furry friends, and would never do anything to harm them.

Why do I think you need Scents by the Bay in your Store for Wholesale?
We work hard to create organic products, source as local as possible, and work to utilize recycled (and often reusable!) packaging. You can even work directly with us to create a unique private label for your own brand – design, custom scents, and the works.

We can’t wait to work with you, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more!

Meet the Team…

Meet our Owner, Tarah Ornelas. She has owned Scents by the Bay since 2007, and opened up the Berkeley Location in May of 2023. You may have already met her at any number of pop up locations throughout California, or in one of our previous stores! One of her favorite lines to create was the Zodiac Massage Oil Candles.

Have you met our Manager, Sheila Watamaniuk, yet? She joined our team in January of 2023 and has been a definite asset to the team! Her organizational skills help keep the store moving efficiently, her knowledge in crystals and stones have helped to expand our product depth, and she is absolutely one of the best people to meet! She helps run our Berkeley store, and works most of the events.

Meet Madison! She joined our team when we opened in Berkeley, and has been nothing but a joy! She loves making our Bath & Body Products, and has a keen eye for design.

Meet our Owner’s Daughter, Ella! While she isn’t a regular, you have a good chance of seeing her at a pop up or helping in the store!

Meet Elijah! He joined our team shortly after we opened in our Berkeley location and brings a sense of style to the floor. He has a great nose for various scents, and loves making our custom bath and body products.

Meet Marz! They are a transfer over from our San Francisco Store when it closed in July. Marz has great customer service skills, and is always ready to learn new products!

A Peek into our Berkeley Home…

Check Out Our Oil Wall!

Housing over 500 Perfume and Essential Oils – we boast scents from single notes, to imported oils, House Blends, Aromatherapy Blend, Designer Fragrance Mimics, and more. Come and pick from our variety of perfumes available, or create your own!

Looking for a designer fragrance that has been retired? We have a few already (Like BCBC Metro and Antonia’s Flowers), and we can often get (or make) many more!

Remember the old oil shop that was across the street ages ago? We have many of Body Time’s original scents, including Rain and China Rain. Come see for yourself!


Custom Bath & Body - Topical CBD Products

Love our scents and wish you could have it in ALLL the products? Well now you can! We have a large variety of quality bath & body bases, in which you can choose your custom scent infusion. From Lotions, Body Washes, Shaving Products, and More – you can pick 4, 8 or 16 oz sizes, in plastic or glass, and you can bring the bottles back for a discount refill!

Also available are handcrafted soaps, aluminum free deodorants, as well as a line of topical CBD Skin Care and Natural Pain Products. Come on in and learn more today.

We Love our Crystals

We source the majority of our crystals from a gentleman who has his own mine in Brazil. Other pieces are lovingly (and carefully!) picked by Tarah, and our Manager Sheila – who just so happens to be a Gemologist. You’re in good hands.

You can pick individual pieces, beautiful jewelery made by our team, or check out our crystal grids (coming soon!).

Looking for something in particular? Just ask! We can keep an eye out for you next time we replenish our stock.


Come in and Smell Awhile...

We have a large variety of hand poured, organic candles that are DUAL PURPOSE! We make our candles with a proprietary blend of organic ingredients, including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, a Cosmetic Grade Soy Wax and an organic cotton wick. So, not only do our candles burn clean (no toxins emitted into your home), but they are also luxuriously hydrating to your skin!

Our wax is warm to the touch (not hot!) so come on in and try one out today.

Need a break? Just a “shopper supporter”? Have kiddos? Come in and take a seat! We have toys in the baskets by the couch, water for your pups and snacks inside, so all are welcome.


Looking for Something more Unique?

Not able to have a flame in your dorm room, apartment, or office? Just don’t like the idea of a flame? We have you covered! Come smell our hand poured Soy Melts! Available in a variety of fragrances, and we even have many beautiful warmers to suite any style.

Still want a candle, but looking for a different take? Check out our Wine Candles (Originally crafted for the many Art & Wine shows we do!), or our newer Zodiac Massage Oil Candle line. We did in depth research on the crystals and oils that align with each Zodiac sign, and crafted these beautiful candles. They offer approximately $20 worth of crystals in each candle, and they come with the card detailing the scent, crystal meanings, and how to use the candle. It’s the perfect gift for any crystal or candle lover!


Comfort for all Ages

Sometimes a little heat and a comforting scent can go a long way to making someone feel better. We have handcrafted Aromatherapy Wraps – from Eye Masks and Neck Wraps, to an Exta Large Back Wrap. The covers are removable (and machine washable!), and you can use these in the microwave OR freezer for comfort and sooothing pain relief.

Looking for something a bit snugglier? Our Warmie Line has something for all ages! From our cute Warmie Juniors, or our bigger Warmie animals – or even our Warmie Slippers – these are sure a fan favorite. Looking for a particular animal? Check back as we change our inventory often – or just ask and we might get it in for you.


A look into our beginning…

Since helping to manage the San Francisco Fragrance Bar on Pier 39 when in college, to purchasing the inventory and rebranding to Scents by the Bay in 2007 – it has been a wild ride! Owner, Tarah Ornelas, started online only, then started stepping her foot into the event world with small Pop Up Events in El Sobrante, and the greater Bay Area.

After leaving her full-time Marketing gig in 2018, Tarah hit the “road” so to say, and grew to have multiple teams offering pop-up-shops all over California. When Covid took the world by storm, initially business was halted. However, with creativity in her roots, Tarah managed to use the ever-changing environment of in-person-shopping and used it to her advantage to open her first ever Brick and Mortar store in San Francisco in 2019!

As we are growing and changing with the environment, and after searching the Bay and doing events all over (checking out open retail locations on the way!) we decided in February 2023 that Berkeley would be a better fit for us. You can read the stories below about our first 2 locations, however in our permanent home in Berkeley, we are working on a class schedule for Aromatherapy Jewelry, Essential oils, and Master Perfume Blending – as well as “Wax Days” where you can refill your candles, or make a custom candle! So if you’re interested, please contact us to get your name on the list!

So come on in top shop in person (and see new products before they even hit the website), come smell any number of our over 500 perfume and essential oils, create your own custom bath or body product, and pick up something for yourself (or a perfect gift!). We can’t wait to see you soon!

Our previous locations…

 Every book has a few chapters before it begins to develop into a beautiful story – and that is what our first two locations were.

Our previous locations…

Every book has a few chapters before it begins to develop into a beautiful story – and that is what our first two locations were.


San Francisco

Stonestown Galleria
3215 20th Avenue, Space 155

San Francisco, CA 94132

Our SF Location, opened in late 2019, and provided the “foot-in-the-door” to a brick and mortar store for us. We thoroughly enjoyed crafting the growth of our brand here, and all the relationships we developed.

Unfortunately we lost our lease in Stonestown mall due to a big box store taking our place in July 2023. However, we are excited to all the doors that will open once we can really focus on products, developing classes, and a creating a wholesale division. Stay tuned to learn more!


Stoneridge Mall 
1432 Stoneridge Mall  Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Our Pleasanton Location, opened in mid 2021, and we were SO EXCITED to have a second location serving the Bay. Our first year that was great – but as the climate of the area changed, so did the popularity of the mall in that area of the Bay. It no longer felt like a “home” to us, so when another store decided to take our lease over, we let it go in April 2023, and have never regretted the decision! The neighborhood feel, the regular clients, and the footprint of the store we moved to in Berkeley has never felt more like home. We are LOVING it here!

Please Come Visit us in Berkeley!

Scents by the Bay

Located on the The Elmwood Districe in Berkeley, CA