Love and romance are an important part of our lives. Before we can love other people, we have to learn to love ourselves, first. Even if you don’t want to seek out another partner, you can still thrive from loving yourself and being the best you that you can be! There are crystals that can help you realize and empower your self-worth, and open up your pathways to feeling your best. Here are the crystals and essential oils that we believe go hand-in-hand to give you that heart-to-heart connection.


#1 – Rose Quartz, with Rose, Vanilla, Orange, Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Cinnamon

Rose Quartz is known as the universal crystal for love and romance. Though it doesn’t just stand for love in relationships, it works to improve self-love from within. It opens and purifies the heart within all levels to promote love, self-love, peace, tranquility, and belonging. This crystal is most associated with joy and healing since it helps you work through your emotional wounds and other forms of traumas. Since Rose Quartz is the crystal of love, we paired it with our Aphrodesia blend, which consists of rose, vanilla, orange, sandalwood, patchouli, and cinnamon. Rose essential oil helps to relieve stress and relax your body and mind. When paired with vanilla, it is an exotic scent that can uplift your mood and reduce any irritation you have within.


#2 – Rhodochrosite with Ylang-Ylang, Rose, and Neroli

Rhodochrosite is a crystal that encourages and empowers self-love. It stimulates love, passion, and energy within your soul. It promotes positivity in both thought and attitude. It helps to make you cheerful and active since it works to help you recognize the love from within yourself and helps you learn to forgive yourself. You’ll finally be able to embrace your truest self, as you were always meant to do. To enhance the healing properties of rhodochrosite, it would be best paired with ylang-ylang, rose, and neroli. Ylang-ylang works to combat and release the mind from depression and anxiety, replacing negativity with positivity and filling the soul with joy and warmth. Neroli, on the other hand, helps relieve stress and worries, lifting that huge weight off of your shoulder to put the mind, body, and soul at ease.


#3 – Ruby with Peppermint

Ruby is a gemstone that is strongly connected to love and power. It balances the heart and it encourages you to overcome the emotional wounds from your breakup and promotes laughter and spontaneousness. It helps you rebuild trust within yourself and other people, allowing love to make its way through to your heart so you can feel connected and whole. We recommend pairing this crystal with peppermint, as peppermint has been known to heal the mind and provide much-needed relaxation. It will provide the deepest healing needed in your body and soul. Its fantastic ability to calm and purify makes it the perfect essential oil for crystal healing with rubies.


#4 – Carnelian with Wintergreen, Peppermint, Tangerine, and Clary Sage

Carnelian is a crystal with high energy that stabilizes you and anchors you to the current reality. It defends you against negative emotions like rage, irritation, and envy within yourself and towards other people. Instead, it encourages love for yourself and helps you trust yourself better than how you were before. It restores vitality and boosts motivation for success while simultaneously stimulating your creativity. Carnelian also boosts intimacy between you and your partner. To unlock the carnelian crystal’s fullest potential, you can enhance it with wintergreen, peppermint, tangerine, and clary sage essential oils. Tangerine is the oil you’d use if you’re feeling overworked or your heart feels heavy. Due to its lively nature, tangerine works as a great mood booster and instills positivity and productivity. Clary sage helps to alleviate and eliminate stress by promoting a sense of well-being from within. Wintergreen works similarly, as it helps to remove those negative thoughts that have been appearing in your head on constant repeat, as well as releasing your mental conflicts and clearing you from your emotional pain.


#5 – Garnet with Jasmine, Orange, Lemon, Lavender, and Bergamot

Last on the list, we have Garnet. Garnet is the crystal that re-energizes your chakras by revitalizing, balancing, and purifying them. As a result, it brings forth serenity and compassion for one’s self and inspires love and inner devotion. It alleviates emotional disharmony if you’re feeling out of tune. It opens your heart and bestows self-confidence from within, as well as your truest form of sincerity. Garnet also works to clear out the toxins in your body and life, keeping you grounded and your best self. To strengthen garnet’s properties, pair it with its essential oil blend: jasmine, orange, lemon, lavender, and bergamot. Jasmine is known as an essential oil that is perfect as an aphrodisiac, and it brings ease to an unsteady and grieving heart. It brings out your positive emotions and opens your mind for improvement. Bergamot works wonders for relieving stress and grief while working to enhance your joy and happiness and spark laughter. 


Learning to love yourself is a tough journey. Let these crystals and oils help guide you through the process so you don’t have to do it alone.