Porcelain Passive Diffuser – Rose


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A delicate porcelain rose blooms from a wooden lid and blush pink porcelain vessel. Includes 3 pieces: Porcelain botanical with rope, Vessel lid, Vessel.

  • BATTERY-FREE DIFFUSER: Diffuser does not need power or batteries. It wicks oil up into the porcelain piece and diffuses fragrance into the room.
  • PORTABLE: Works great in small spaces and can be placed on any flat surface.
  • DIRECTIONS: Filled with 100% pure essential oils, fragrance oil, or water and oil to diffuse fragrance that lasts for up to 2 weeks. A porcelain botanical rests on a ceramic base to bring natural beauty to your space as you enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of 100% pure essential oils. Once your oil is completely diffused, simply let flower dry out before switching fragrances or diffuse only water to clean out between fragrances. Includes a 10 mL bottle of pure peppermint essential oil, but can be used with any essential or fragrance oil.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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