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Popular blends, blends we crafted & many imported fragrance oils from around the world.

House Blends & Imported Oils

We offer a variety of popular house blend perfume oils, including the beloved Rain, China Rain, Waves (and more!) from Berkeley’s retired Body Time, along with our own unique creations. Additionally, we carry well-known oils imported from around the world, such as Egyptian Musk and Indian Patchouli. 

Hey Body Time fans! Remember those beloved scents that were hard to find when Body Time closed its doors years ago? Or maybe you knew them as The Body Shop? Or Terranova | Nectarine? No matter the name, it all goes back to the Saunders Sisters! We carry original recipe versions of many of their scents and have access to others through an approved perfumer from the original owners! Here are a few offered online—don’t miss out! Visit our store on College in Berkeley, just across from the original Body Time location!

We also recreate scents in house – and we completed our version of Fire by Body Time! Want us to try our hand at a scent for you? Come on into the store or contact us to learn more.


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Other Perfume & Essential Oil Categories

Last Longer

They last longer on the skin, releasing their fragrance slowly throughout the day and they have a much longer shelf life.

No Evaporation

They don’t have water or alcohol that evaporate quickly, ensuring you have a consistent and lasting fragrance.

Gentle on the Skin

Oils are less likely to cause skin irritation or dryness compared to alcohol-based perfumes.


With a smaller environmental footprint: minimal packaging, and don’t require the production of alcohol.


They can be used in various ways, such as in bath water, as a hair fragrance, or mixed with lotion for a personalized scent.