5 Simple Ways to Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils are becoming more and more main stream as people are learning more about their benefits as natural remedies to mental or physical ailments, as well as big box products beginning to tout the benefits of specific essential oils in their products – as well they should, these oils are amazing! Here at Scents by the Bay, we have been finding new ways to help you enjoy our essential oils as well, such as the release of our Aromatherapy Jewelry, and decided to release a list of 5 awesome ways you can use essential oils and aromatherapy blends to improve your daily life. We hope you like it!

  1. MISTS – A great way to spritz your favorite essential oil on your pillow, is to have a mist! One like our Revitalizing Mist is great on your skin, or something as small as our Aromatherapy Mist is perfect in your car, bag or purse.
  2. DIFFUSERS – From Ultrasonic Diffusers, Plug in Diffusers, to Candle diffusers or even Reed Oil Diffusers, this is a great way to get the benefit of the essential oil without putting it on your skin. Three great oils for diffusing are Lavender to create a calming environment, Peppermint to help with respiratory issues, and the lesser known Cassia, which has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. This oil provides a great way to cleanse the air in your living areas when the sniffles start to set in!
  3. JEWLERY – Aromatherapy jewelry is a new way many people are pairing up their favorite precious stones, with the power of essential oils. A favorite of ours is mixing Howlite (a stone for calming overactive minds and easing anxiety) and Amethyst (a stone that promotes calmness, balance and peace) with lava stones, like in our Calm Bracelet, and putting a few drops of our Stress Release or Calm Aromatherapy Oil Blend on the lava stone. You can smell the scent for a few hours up to a few days (and can change scents as soon as it fades out).
  4. IN THE SHOWER: Turn your shower into a therapeutic spa. You can drop a few oils on your loofah and mix with your shower gel, or you can even use our Shower Steamers made with our essential oil blends. Simply toss one off to the side while you’re showering and breathe deep. They’re pretty amazing 😉
  5. IN THE DRYER: Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a wash cloth (or a dryer ball) and toss it in the dryer with your clothes.

However you use them, Essential Oils are beneficial for many things in our lives. Remember, a good scent can always improve any room. Until next time,