Aromatherapy Bracelet Kit: Capricorn | Empowering | Healing | Calming


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Our inaugural kit for the beginning of a monthly set of semi-precious stones and essential oils that are catered to each month’s astrological sign (or get it just because the properties resonate with you). Pairing the properties of the semi-precious stones with aromatherapy to create a bracelet customized to you. The lava beads on the bracelet are porous and you can put a drop or two of essential oil on it to smell throughout the day. Once the scent fades, you can reapply or try a new scent. Feel free to blend the essential oils for a scent custom to you.

Each kit is only $50 (RETAIL $75) and includes:

  • ONE (1) custom aromatherapy bracelet (unassembled so you can make it how you would like, or preassembled in one of the two variations shown in the picture)
  • TWO (2) bottles of 5ml essential oils
  • Custom Bracelet Information Card
  • Link to a live zoom class where you’ll learn how to make the bracelet, more information about each stone used, as well as the benefits of the essential oils included (and various ways to use them!).

Ordering a past month? Missed the live class? No worries, we will send the link of the recorded zoom class to watch at your leisure.


The Sign
CAPRICORNS often see life as an uphill battle, fighting for everything you work for. You’re loyal, patient and devoted, and often feel life deeply. This month’s precious stone blend is crafted for you (and anyone else in need) to ease, calm and heal emotions and open the lines of communication.

The Stones

  • CHRYSOCOLLA: Healing, purify energy fields, increases capacity to love. Empowering feminine energy connected to the vibration of the earth. Opens the throat chakra for clear communication, and draws negativity from the body. Calms emotions to heal and move on.
  • HOWLITE: A potent guardian stone. Use it to protect that which you value – both physical possessions and spiritual values. It is a calming stone and many use it to relieve anxiety and stress. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.
  • LAVA: A protective stone that makes you feel secure, daring, and physically powerful. It will deepen your connection to the physical, natural world. It helps relieve you of fears – use this stone when you need to feel safe and secure.

The Essential Oils

  • CEDAR WOOD VIRGINIA: Calming, grounding and strengthening, and helps resolve anxiety, insecurity and emotional upheavals. Will treat burnout and calm an overactive mind. Tones the lymphatic system and treats oily skin, eczema, cellulite, dandruff and hair loss.
    • Latin Name: Juniperus virginiana
    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Harvested from Wild Growing Plants, Steam Distilled from Wood 
  • SWEET ORANGE: Helps to calm and balance and gently relieves nervous tension and irritability. Topically helpful on dull or oily skin. It is beneficial for fighting signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots since its high vitamin C content means it can help to promote the production of collagen. Also, the antibacterial properties make it great for both fighting acne on your skin, and a great cleaning booster around your house.
    • Latin Name: Citrus sinensis
    • Country of Origin: Mexico
    • Cold-pressed from organic orange rinds.

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